Ken Burns effect with WinRT 

In a mobile application, we often face the challenge of fitting a large picture in a limited, fixed-size space. One of the common solutions is to generate a thumbnail, but depending on the ratio of the picture the result will not necessarily meet the quality standards. In my case, I decided to try an alternative […]

Windows 10 SDK – SplitView 

Another new addition to the Windows 10 SDK is the SplitView. It’s used to display a side menu, such as the one usually called “hamburger menu”. It’s quite straightforward to use. The “Pane” property contains the code of the menu itself. The page content goes into the control itself. The “OpenPaneLength” sets the width of […]

Windows 10 SDK – StateTriggers and RelativePanel 

While the Windows 10 SDK is still unavailable, and will likely remain so until the Build event in April, Microsoft allowed developers at Mobile World Congress to briefly try an early preview of the SDK. Two novelties have been publicly revealed: StateTriggers and the RelativePanel. I’ll present in this post all the information I could gather about […]