[UWP] NavigationService with back button handler priority 

There’s an issue I’ve encountered in every single of my UWP applications, so it’s very likely you know about it. In Universal Apps, you can subscribe to the SystemNavigationManager.GetForCurrentView().BackRequested event. It’s usually done firsthand to mimic Windows Phone’s behavior where pressing the back button loads the previous page in the back stack. So far, so […]

[UWP] Bandwidth adaptive image control 

There’s a dilemma you probably faced if you’ve written a mobile application displaying a large number of pictures. You could display gorgeous hi-resolution pictures, but if you do so, you’ll provide a poor experience to users who use your app on the go. Particularly, users with a poor mobile connection who will have to wait minutes […]

[uwp] Animation orchestration using Caliburn.Micro coroutines 

MVVM is a commonly used design pattern for XAML-based applications (WPF, Silverlight, and now WinRT). I won’t go into a full description of the pattern, but I’d like to spend some time on a design issue I’ve encountered ever since I’ve started Silverlight/WinRT development. The issue Everybody will tell you: nowadays, for a good UX, […]

Windows 10 SDK – StateTriggers and RelativePanel 

While the Windows 10 SDK is still unavailable, and will likely remain so until the Build event in April, Microsoft allowed developers at Mobile World Congress to briefly try an early preview of the SDK. Two novelties have been publicly revealed: StateTriggers and the RelativePanel. I’ll present in this post all the information I could gather about […]