[UWP] NavigationService with back button handler priority 

There’s an issue I’ve encountered in every single of my UWP applications, so it’s very likely you know about it. In Universal Apps, you can subscribe to the SystemNavigationManager.GetForCurrentView().BackRequested event. It’s usually done firsthand to mimic Windows Phone’s behavior where pressing the back button loads the previous page in the back stack. So far, so […]

[UWP] Bandwidth adaptive image control 

There’s a dilemma you probably faced if you’ve written a mobile application displaying a large number of pictures. You could display gorgeous hi-resolution pictures, but if you do so, you’ll provide a poor experience to users who use your app on the go. Particularly, users with a poor mobile connection who will have to wait minutes […]

Should I await the last call in a method 

I came to write a code looking like this: Then I stepped back a bit and thought: OnNavigatedTo is an event, and its return type can’t be changed from void. Therefore, is there a point in awaiting the last asynchronous call of the method, as this will provide no information at all to the caller? Would it result in […]

Dispatcher.Yield – When and how to use it on WinRT 

That’s an issue happening from time to time. You need to do some lengthy computation on the UI thread (for instance, a page navigation), and you want to display a progress indicator to ease up the user waiting. It’s possible on WinRT thanks to the compositor thread: a dedicated thread for animations that don’t impact […]

Inspecting unhandled exceptions – You’ve got only one chance 

That’s a surprising behavior, brought to my attention by this question of Anthony Wieser on MSDN forums. Basically, he noticed that in the global exception handler, he could read the stacktrace of the exception only once. On the subsequent tries, the value would be null. The debugging part We’ll start by making a simple program to […]

Ken Burns effect with WinRT 

In a mobile application, we often face the challenge of fitting a large picture in a limited, fixed-size space. One of the common solutions is to generate a thumbnail, but depending on the ratio of the picture the result will not necessarily meet the quality standards. In my case, I decided to try an alternative […]

Windows 10 SDK – SplitView 

Another new addition to the Windows 10 SDK is the SplitView. It’s used to display a side menu, such as the one usually called “hamburger menu”. It’s quite straightforward to use. The “Pane” property contains the code of the menu itself. The page content goes into the control itself. The “OpenPaneLength” sets the width of […]