1. Sweet article! I personally would prefer a MaxWindowWidth property instead of MinWindowWidth. Maybe I am just backwards in that kind of way.

    1. Author

      That’s pure speculation, but it may be Microsoft’s way to encourage the “think mobile first” paradigm: design your app for the smallest form-factor, then adapt it for bigger ones.

  2. Sorry I am not able to edit or delete my previous replies,

    Hi all the examples are really similar, have you seen a way to change a RelativePanel attached property in a Setter like

    I am not able find a way neither in code behind. Might be it is not possible

    1. Author

      I’m not sure I understand your question. If you want to set one of the RelativePanel attached properties from the code-behind, you have two ways:

      1/ Using the static helper:

      RelativePanel.SetLeftOf(relativePanel, otherControl);

      2/ Using the “SetValue” method:

      relativePanel.SetValue(RelativePanel.LeftOfProperty, otherControl);

  3. hi
    I was able to find EventTrigger in the universal apps reference, however, I wasn’t able to find DataTrigger . I wasn’t able to use it.
    is that DataTrigger really missing in WinRT? Is EventTrigger the only trigger available in WinRT?
    is there any replacement for DataTrigger in universal apps ?

    Please help me if it will be solve than it will open so many ways to implement dynamic features in my application

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